Admiral News Update: UK Motorists Experience Road Rage

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Admiral News Update: Another study conducted by Admiral indicates nearly half of British road users are prone to a certain level of road rage.

New research that was conducted by leading Insurers Admiral has highlighted the fact that almost half of the motorists on British roads admit that they have had road rage. Of those who admitted to having road rage nearly a third said that they knew that their driving had become more aggressive as a results of it. The major bugbears amongst those polled and things that were guaranteed to make them see red were: Other motorists failing to indicate, being cut up by other drivers, vehicles being driven too slowly and general inconsideration or rudeness of other road users.

Worryingly a significant number of drivers report having been threatened with violence during road rage incidents and there have of course even been widely publicized cases of people losing their lives in road rage attacks.

Over half of the motorists that were polled did say that they thought that they had noticed deterioration in the general courtesy that they could expect from other road users, over the past five years.

Those who do admit to suffering road rage have indicated that they get it more than once a week and many admit to having a full-scale road side quarrel with another driver. Some drivers even admitted having followed another driver and to have either felt very aggressive and thought about lashing out, or having been threatened with physical violence during a road accident incident.

A spokesman for Admiral said that while the bad habits of other drivers might be annoying it was ridiculous for a any driver to let themselves become agitated by them, much less contemplate violence and asked the question “Is it really worth letting yourself get annoyed and upset about what other drivers are doing?” Raised blood pressure and potentially dangerous aggressive driving are likely to be the only things that come out of such an incident.

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A tendency towards road rage has been found to be equally split between men and women although men were more likely to escalate the situation and to make the kind of rude hand gestures that we all recognize. Other things like tailgating, speeding, unsafe over or undertaking can all be consequences of road rage and the potential for an accident exponentially increased. If you would like to know more about this survey or about any of the many insurance products and services that Admiral offer their customer then you can contact Admiral customer services 0844 887 1167.

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