Admiral News Update: Drivers Think Drink Driving Acceptable

Admiral News

Admiral News Update: Too many drivers think drink driving is acceptable according to a study conducted by Admiral. See below for more details.

The leading car insurance expert, have revealed the results of a survey that shows a worrying trend towards drivers thinking that drinking while under the influence of alcohol is acceptable. Many of them even admit to having driven while they knew that they were under the influence of alcohol.

The survey that was conducted on just over three thousand motorists found that almost 20% of those asked did admit that they had driven when they knew that they were over the limit. The Admiral poll found that male drivers admitted to driving under the influence in larger numbers than female drivers. Some drivers however, and accounting for about forty percent of those polled, did say that they thought it was safe to drive only when no alcohol at all had been consumed. Over 10% of men said that they would feel safe to drive after they had had 3 units of alcohol. In women the number who thought that they could drive safely after drinking 3 units amounted to only one percent. Admiral commented that it did seem that the drink-driving message, while it was reaching women, was not making the same impact on men.

There is always the temptation in summer when we are outdoors more and perhaps going to beer gardens and barbeques to relax and enjoy ourselves and drink a little more than we might normally do. But Admiral warned that it is at times like this that we need to be our most vigilant and be more aware of how much alcohol we are taking in. Either as a passenger of someone who has been drinking of as a driver under the influence, drinking and driving is a risk that is just not worth taking.

Updates on Admiral

Admiral has also warned against the effect of alcohol that may be in the system the day after it had been imbibed. Drivers, although they may feel fine, could very well still be over the limit the morning after a heavy night of drinking.

Of the drivers that Admiral spoke to about a third thought that the drink driving limit in place should stay the same while nearly half thought that it should be lowered to less than its present level.

If you would like to know any more on the findings of this Admiral survey or for details on any of the insurance products that they offer you can call Admiral customer services on 0844 887 1167.

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