Admiral News Update: Admiral Apologise For Language Complaint

News Update for Admiral

Admiral News Update: An Admiral Insurance customer has recently complained to the Welsh Language Commissioner for being requested to speak in English.

He was told that all conversations with the company were recorded and that all those recordings had to be in English. Despite the fact that Admiral Insurance employ over five thousand staff in call centres in three major Welsh cities, the customer speaking to the BBC Wales’ Welsh language news programme explained how he was told that, to satisfy regulations, he would have to speak in English. The matter is being investigated.

Meanwhile Admiral Insurance has confirmed that it is not the case that all conversations with their call centre staff must be conducted in English and that they would be looking into the matter. The caller however had been sent a letter telling him that there was no guarantee that there would be a Welsh speaking call centre operator to take a call in Welsh.

The First Minister for Wales commented on the matter saying that it did not make any sense that a big company like Admiral Insurance would want to be known as one that would not be able to offer services in Welsh to clients in Wales. He added that all private sector companies operating in Wales, were encouraged to offer a Welsh language service to Welsh customers.
The First minister did add that there was, in fact, no legal obligation for any company to offer Welsh as an alternative language to clients who spoke the language but that it was his understanding that most large companies would want to make the chance to speak in their preferred language available to Welsh speaking clients. The customer has asked Admiral Insurance to provide him with a copy of the recorded conversation that has given rise to the misunderstanding.

It is likely that Admiral Insurance, who have an enviable reputation in the UK for the insurance products that they provide will be very keen to make sure that their call centre staff and their recording system allows those who wish to speak Welsh to use that language when they contact the company.

If you need to contact Admiral Insurance to discuss any aspect of the insurance they offer for car, home or travel or even for life insurance enquiries, or if you want to discuss the facilities that Admiral Insurance have to deal with callers who wish to speak in the Welsh language, they can be contacted on the Admiral contact number 0844 887 1167.

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