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Admiral News: Always at the forefront of what is happening on our roads an Admiral news update has reported that location is important.

Admiral Insurance have published some very interesting research that has shown that there is a definite link between location and the type of road traffic accident that we are most likely to have. Drivers most likely to collide with a tree were to be found living in the Home Counties while those most likely to have a collision with a lamppost were in Scotland. Drivers who more often had a prang at the traffic lights most commonly had this type of minor accident on the roads of the North West of England.

In coming to their conclusions on our collision habits Admiral Insurance had looked at the details from almost one and a half million motor insurance claims made over the past five years to try and identify patterns related to post code areas to try and see if there was any connection with the type of accidents that motorists were having and the area that they lived in. The most common type of accident on the roads in the UK is the rear end shunt but the Insurance Company wanted to find out if there was any other type of accidents that was more common to specific parts of the country.

In the West country with a lot of narrow and very scenic byways, narrow lane bumps and scrapes were most common while in Greater London where traffic is well known for being stop start, shunts amongst drivers in this kind of driving scenario are very common although, perhaps, not surprising. Motorists who lived in the capital were also the most likely to have their car pranged while it was parked.

Admiral Insurance did say that the results from Scotland and the North West had been more surprising and they could think of no reason why motorists in Scotland would be more likely to be in collisions with lampposts than their counterparts in the rest of the UK, or why drivers in Liverpool and Manchester seemed more prone to run into each other when they were at traffic lights. With a focus is on accident and claims for accidents and the impact that these claims have on insurance premiums, this kind of research may well shed some light on our ‘accident habits.’

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