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Acer News Update:IT giant Acer, speaking to Yahoo news, have announced a shift within the industry towards mobile devices and away from laptops.
In view of this The Taiwanese Company has announced that it will be pulling back on its accent on products from giant Microsoft and will instead be concentrating on expanding on products from Chromebook and also focusing on Android based products.
Acer are the fourth largest PC maker in the global shipment market but have recently suffered losses as well as announcing lower than expected sales figures. These are combined with the challenge of expenses that are set to rise in the second quarter of 2013. It was the company’s president Jim Wang who made the announcement via a conference call that the company was going to change direction and alter strategy and would be redefining their product roadmap. It was hoped that these measures would lead to an upturn in Acer’s fortune with a new flexibility and willingness to change with the times leading to a sustained period of recovery for the company.
The Wall Street Journal reported Wang as saying “We are trying to grow our non-Windows business and we want to do that as soon as possible”. “Android is very popular in smartphones and dominate in tablets. … I also see a new market there for Chromebooks.”
The Acer’s chairman told investors that “the Windows camp” now had a challenge to restore confidence among consumers of PC’s who have shown a reluctance to buy. He pointed to the way forward for Acer being in securing and sustaining the company’s market share and protecting the bottom line. He added that focusing on tablets and smartphones and getting them right would stand the company in good stead and prepare them for the future in this market.
This news, delivered by Acer’s president and chairman came only two months after the announcement, confirmed in an article published by Pocket-lint, that Acer was now, looking forward to 2014 by investigating wearable technology. The company also explained the strategy that it was currently applying to the design of smartphones and announced that it would soon launch the new Liquid ZX a 3.5-inch smartphone.
After posting a net loss of 343 million New Taiwan dollars, which is the equivalent of £7.3 million, for the second quarter, Acer have suffered a significant decline especially when these figures are compared to the net profit of NT £36 million that was announced one year earlier.
I you want to call Acer for details of any of its products then you can reach them on their contact number 08443 351087 for sales and services. Alternatively, the full stock range and much more information can be found from the official website at

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