Acer News Update: Interest in Windows 8 Phone Announced

Windows 8 Phone by Acer

Acer News Update: In June of this year Taiwanese IT giants Acer were reported as saying ‘We’d love to do a Window’s Phone 8 Handset’.

Talking to John McCann of techradar.phones Allen Burnes, Acer’s smartphone vice president said that despite the fact that Acer are far from unfamiliar with the Windows Phone scene, having launched the Windows Phone 7.5 in 2011, they were not yet ready to embrace Window’s new smart phone platform.  He did say that Acer was looking at the windows phone 8 and that it was a very good operating system.  Burnes complimented the Xbox integration and the enterprise suite but said that he felt that the product suffered from a lack of customer awareness.

Burnes went on to say that the entire smartphone team at Acer were keen to use the Windows operating system but had yet to be convinced that it would sell as well as other operating systems.  He said that Acer had made the decision not to go ahead with a launch of a Windows Phone 8 devise in 2013.  He said that he felt that Microsoft had not been proactive in really explaining and detailing the new platform and had instead relied on Nokia to spread the word.  Burnes pointed out that Nokia had challenges of its own as it sought to rebuild its brand.

Acer, a Taiwanese firm is very much looking at the broader picture with an eye to assessing the benefits of Windows across their entire product range of PC’s laptops, tablets and of course smartphones.

As one of the biggest retailers in the IT sector Acer is always going to be at the forefront of innovation and is obviously very firmly in touch with what its customers want.

Acer rolled out notebooks and tablets powered with Intel® Education Software (IES).   And Acer has provided technology for more than 10 million students and has given access to professional development to more than 10 million teachers in a commitment to education.  As well as that it has actively assisted more than 100 governments world wide to transform existing educational systems.  Acer has as its aim student success achieved with combined learning and teaching programmes using desktops, tablets, notebooks, and connectivity. Acer’s Intel-based solutions offer flexibility in order that educators can hand pick the most appropriate software and other IT aides to tailor and deliver learning to their own specifics.

If you need to contact Acer to enquire about any of their products, the community work they do or if you already have an Acer product that you would like to speak about you can call the Acer customer support line on 0844 335 1087.

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