Acer News Update: Acer Launches New Touch Screen Monitor

Acer News Update

Acer news update: Acer launches a new touch screen LED monitor, yet another innovation that has caused quite a buzz, from the Taiwanese technology giants.

We associate the touchscreen revolution with laptops and tablets but Acers’ newest innovation has brought the ease of operation of a touchscreen to a soon to be released monitor that they have unveiled, along with two other new non touch screen monitors.

The touchscreen monitor and its LED display and the other two new monitors are aimed at all sectors of the market with one that is customer orientated with a 27 inch screen and ten point touch with an ergonomic stand. There are also 27 inch and 29 inch displays that are geared towards professionals, as well as at Acer domestic consumers. All three of these new monitors do boast viewing angles that are up to one hundred and seventy eight degrees both vertically and horizontally.

On the touchscreen monitor, the stand is no doubt a thing of beauty and is intended to be eye catching and very stylish with a definite nod to interior design. But as well as looking good, the stand does have it’s own function to perform as well. Users of the Acer monitor can view images on the screen by utilizing a tilt of between thirty and eighty degrees, which Acer describe as offering a tilt that is almost level with the desk. They have incorporated this feature to offer a greater level of comfort and ergonomic design. The application of this feature is, according to Acer, likely to be of greatest benefit when the user is playing games on the device or looking at photographs or books, as well as when web surfing.

Resolution on the device is good with the aesthetic appeal of the monitor definitely aimed at the image conscious office where it would make a stylish addition to any work place.

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The touchscreen monitor is compatible with Windows – 8 and allows the user to utilise that word processing package optimally. The two monitors being released that do not have a touch screen do incorporate some very ingenious features such as a release catch which will allow the monitor to be released from its stand to be mounted on a wall, and it has also got a neat magnetic feature at its base for paper clips and a small storage tray that can be used for storage of other small office items.

More information on Acer can be found on the official website.

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