Acer News Update: Acer Introduce Ezel Hinge R7

Acer News Update

Acer News Update: When IT supplier Acer released the Aspire R7 a few months ago it was seen as an interesting version of the touchscreen laptop. Those in the know were waiting for one of the new releases to review but at that time none of the new Acer laptops was forthcoming. Eventually Acer shipped one of the laptops to AnandTech, a review site, who had wanted to review the new release for their customers.

AnandTech reported that if they had had the device to review at the time that it was launched 3 months previously, then the whole exercise might have been a bit more relevant but as the Haswell processor has been introduced since that time and is now readily accessible they felt the Ivy bridge was probably showing its age. Of the features available none of them really impressed the reviewer as being particularly noteworthy with the exception of the display on the device and its unique feature the ‘Ezel-Hinge’. This ‘Ezel Hinge’ and the laptops’ touch screen add to the devices’ offering of five different modes of operation. It can be used as a normal laptop but then if the screen is moved forward it can become a tablet or a floating table. It can even be used for presentation with its flip screen laptop function.

The world of technology is a fast changing one and there is no doubt that Acer is at the forefront of innovation in this area. Their new ‘Ezel Hinge’ has opened debate as to whether incorporation of this innovation has led to too much compromise of other features of the laptop. However the device does come with all the features that one would expect such as USB ports and a combined headphone and microphone as well as a reader for an SD card, as well as the usual specifications that you would expect as standard.

If you would like to know more about this product or about any other innovations that this Taiwanese IT giant is working on, we can provide a number for you. For details of any of the products they sell whether you are interested in PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones then the number that you will find on our extensive database will ensure that you are connected to one of the experienced and helpful Acer customer Service agents right away. The Acer telephone number is 0844 335 1087.

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