AA News Update: Young Generation Prefer Driverless Cars

AA News Update

AA News Update: The AA have conducted a survey which indicates that the younger ‘Xbox’ generation will be more susceptible to the idea of driverless cars.

The AA has always been at the forefront of everything related to our lives on the road. The thought of a driverless car, however, might cause many people to do a double take. But according to the AA, those drivers who have been brought up in the games console generation will be the most likely to take to the idea and the most likely to want to try out driverless cars. In fact, in an AA Cars report into the State of the Nations’ cars, the motoring organisation reveal that driverless cars will be tested on the roads in the UK later this year.
The AA polled a large number of its members to ask them if they had any interest in the driverless car and of those who responded only about one in ten said that they could not wait to get their hands on the steering wheel of a driverless car. However the highest numbers of drivers interested in the driverless car were in the age groups that included drivers under 25.
In these younger drivers’ grandparents generation however, the AA reported that around 60% of those polled felt uneasy about the safety of driverless cars. From the research done the AA discovered that only a few pensioners liked the idea of a driverless car. This was the lowest percentage of any of the age groups surveyed.
In this older age group however, when the drivers were informed of the possibility of greater mobility many of the initial reservations they had over the thought of a driverless car, became considerably less of a concern. The consideration of driverless cars in respect of increased mobility caused a shift in interest in this age group so that they were then revealed as showing the highest degree of enthusiasm for this advance in motoring.

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Although the government have revealed details of driverless car trials for this year most people think that the adoption of this technology is likely to be very slow to catch on and will encounter several ‘bumps in the road’ before it ever has any realistic chance of being adopted on British highways.
For any information on this or any of the other services the AA offer you can use the number that we have supplied through our database for AA customer services. For the route planner on the official AA site, visit http://www.theaa.com/route-planner/index.jsp

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