3 Mobile News Update: Roaming Charges Abolished

Roaming Charges 3 Mobile

3 Mobile News Update: Roaming Charges Abolished. The Mobile network announces that customers can ‘roam’ in 7 countries without facing charges to call.

The service is to be made available to 3 Mobile customers who travel to Sweden and Denmark in Scandinavia, to Austria and to Italy and also to Hong Kong and Australia. The Republic of Ireland will also be included in the free roaming. It is true that over recent times the authorities in Europe have been clamping down on the charging of roaming fees but the 3 Mobile network becomes the first of the mobile providers to do away with them altogether. This is a big step forward even although the advantage is available only in certain countries for the time being. The countries that have been selected are the ones in which 3 Mobile has sister networks.

For those 3 Mobile customers who are on 3 Mobile monthly contracts they will be able to call text and download data using their free minute quota without facing any extra cost for using their phone while they are traveling. However, the customers who are using their phones on contracts that are unlimited will still have to work within certain restrictions.

3 Mobile News Update

The marketing director of the mobile phone operator said that the idea behind doing away with the roaming charges was so that their customers would be able to derive even more benefit from the free minutes allocated as well as the entitlement to text and data. This will leave 3 Mobile customers free to use their phones without fear of having to pay high charges when they are away from home.

Industry experts have predicted that other mobile phone operators are likely to follow where 3 Mobile has led and in particular the mobile phone operators who do have sister arrangements with other mobile providers in countries abroad.

The deal that is being offered by 3 Mobile is attracting interest because it applies to countries that are not in the EU which is the area in which mobile companies have been facing pressure over the roaming costs charged to travellers. The move to lower the charges and abolish them in some countries that are outside of Europe will be particularly welcome as the prices for using a mobile in other parts of the world has stayed very high. This has put many people off using their phone to stay in touch when they are travelling for pleasure or business overseas.

Contact 3 Mobile using the following link http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/3-mobile-contact-number/ and speak with a member of their customer services team about any of the services mentioned her.

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