3 Mobile News Update: 3 Mobile Launches the Nexus 5

3 mobile nexus 5 on sale

3 Mobile News Update: 3 Mobile Launches the Nexus 5, the impressive and debut smartphone from Google running on the latest Android KitKat operating system.

The smart new Nexus 5 is now available through 3 Mobile from their on line site as well as from 3 mobile stores. The new smartphone is 4G ready and will give the user an even faster Internet browsing capability as the 4G network begins to roll out. That will be at no extra cost. The Nexus 5 itself has a five-inch colourful display in HD with an advanced lens. It also has some very innovative photographic features such as optical image stabilization. The eight-megapixel camera delivers an amazing 360 degree panorama. There is the added bonus that every single picture taken is backed up automatically so that no memories are ever lost.

3 Mobile News Update

The new hand set is available from 3 Mobile on a £35 a month on the One Plan and for just under fifty pounds up front payment for a two year contract. That will allow the contract holder to have 500 minutes of calls and 5000 texts and all they can use data downloading. A spokesperson for 3 Mobile said that the Nexus 5 had been cleverly designed to give a fantastic Android experience coming as it does in a slim and stylish smartphone that is also very light. With the unlimited data downloading there are endless hours of connection and sharing to be had with photos and videos being downloaded with ease.

There are also great software features such as matching the numbers that are calling you to friends and business even if you have not already put them in your address book. Travel is another area that the new phone can help with, with clever suggestions to miss that roadblock or road closure. Like the iPhone the phone comes in black or white and has an impressive 16GB of internal memory.

There is no doubt that mobile phone technology is one of the fastest areas of technology growth in the world today. 3 Mobile are at the cutting edge of the advances in the field and with this paring with the very successful Google the new Nexus 5 is set to be a hot favourite and even possibly a rival for the dominant Apple iPhone. It will be interesting to see how the war of the handsets progresses.

3 Mobile customer services have more information on this offer, click here for all of the contact information.

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