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3 Mobile Customer Services

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Call now for all things 3! Dial 0844 324 0460 for the 3 Mobile Customer Services department. Call for billing, services and much more.

3 mobile customers services is based in the UK and offers a world of information on their products. 3 mobile position themselves mid market giving a high level of reception at an affordable price.  There are many plans available from the 3 customer services department for individuals and businesses where bulk purchases could result in free calls between users. Call the 3 customer services department for more details. The digits are simple to remember, so call 0844 324 0460 and get answers now!

Each call cost is at a fixed cost of no more than 5p a minute from a BT landline plus network extras. If you are calling from a mobile however, this cost could be considerably more. Many 0844 numbers to places like the 3 mobile customer services sector cost the same as it is the standard low cost line above 0800 lines. The only departments that offer these are generally banks and other direct selling companies that rely on calls coming in for sales. Like 3 mobile customer services, the problem is that this department is generally for retaining customers which generally receive less priority.

How to call 3 Customer Care

Here however, we do not think that this is fair. We provide a 3 customer services number for the general public through high natural rankings on search engines. We are confident in the service we provide and always aim to be the cheapest for directory enquiries. For more numbers like the 3 mobile customer services, click the search above.

For updates with our directory service, ‘Like’ our Facebook page or ‘Follow Us’ on Twitter. If you cannot find a number on our site, our premium service will connect you to an operator who can connect you directly for a competitive rate.

Please visit again soon.

The three customer services or 3 mobile customer services website can be found at http://www.three.co.uk/.



More about Three:

Three UK, commonly known as Three or ‘3’ are, today, one the UK’s biggest mobile networks, but they got off to something of a rocky start back in 2003 when they first launched.

Hutchinson 3G (3’s parent company) had been operating in several countries before the UK, but because the companies primary selling point was its usage of the brand new 3G network for faster speeds, Three chose to wait until the spectrum was officially launched in the UK. On that day, the 3rd of March 2003 (03-03-03), Three launched as a mobile network to much fanfare. Mobile phones went on sale later that month, but early reception was poor. The phones were underpowered and in limited supply and Three’s network wasn’t available in rural areas, meaning many struggled to use the phones.

Over time though, Three ironed out the kinks in their network and the phones improved as manufacturers began bundling 3G technology into their phones and video calling became more prevalent. Today, 3G is the least we expect from our phones, and 4G is now also common, with Three offering a very comprehensive range of 4G phones and planning far into the future.

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