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Panasonic Profits

Panasonic news update: the Japanese based company has managed to turn the business around entirely and turn their $15billion net loss into a huge profit.

Having previously been one of the leading consumer electronics suppliers in the world but recently suffering massive net losses, Panasonic have had to go through a mass restructuring in order to remain in business. The process ran incredibly smoothly and correct decisions were made and the company can now report impressive profit figures that have put them comfortably back in the market.

PayPal Startup Blueprint Program

PayPal News Update: In order to offer assistance to start-up companies, PayPal have set up a scheme that waives up to $50000 of start-up administration fees.

Most companies will make it or break it within the first 18 months of being a presence on their chosen market and they often need a little push to get them on their way. PayPal have announced that they will be launching their PayPal Startup Blueprint scheme wherein they waive the start-up fees that are usually charged to companies.

Gatwick is one of the best known and busiest of the UK’s airports. To find out more about the destinations served call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035.

There is something about the buzz of an airport and the exciting names and destinations that appear on the departures board. Whether we are flying to an airport in the UK or a short haul to Europe or taking a long haul flight to sunny climes elsewhere, it is always exciting to be in the lively atmosphere of a departure terminal. It is fun to people watch and try to imagine the reason for travel or where they might be going. Call Gatwick Contact number 0844 561 0035 for more details.

As the winter starts to take hold there is on-going worry over the rising price of electricity. For details call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
We all rely on electricity to heat and light our homes and without it big business would not be able to run. Now that the nights are longer and the hours of daylight shorter there is even more need for our electricity to be on. But as prices continue to be raised by the big six energy companies there are many who are caught in the dilemma of whether to heat or eat. For the elderly and for those with young children this can be a very difficult time. Tragically, every year, we hear about older people, who, afraid that they will not be able to pay their bills have not put their heating on and have died of hyperthermia. And every year we have the same outraged statements from government and other sources as to why this cannot be allowed to continue. Meanwhile there is a winter fuel allowance for people over 65 but if the winter is very cold and prices continue to go up even that will not be enough to allow some pensioners to keep their home warm and themselves safe for the winter. For more information call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
First Utility believe that the energy market is failing those that it should be supporting and that the archaic monopoly of energy supplies by the big six allows them to raise electricity and gas prices and get away with it by using complicated and difficult to understand tariffs. They also accuse them of giving confusing and inadequate service to their customers. For more details call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
First Utility claim that their fixed prices are cheaper than the big six standard tariffs and that they are dedicated to making sure that their customers get a fast and efficient service through all forms of social media. They offer a programme that allows their customer power to control and reduce their consumption of energy. For better ways of saving energy call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.

GlaxoSmithKline are a huge pharmaceutical company that are responsible for many drugs we are prescribed. Call GlaxoSmithKline contact number 0844 061 0501.

Epson Earthquake donation

Epson News Update: Epson Support Earthquake Victims. Following news of a very severe earthquake that hit Bohol in the Philippines, Epson offer a donation.

Elephant Win Solar Car Prize

Elephant Insurance News Update: Solar powered car wins race. Elephant are always very keen to keep their clients updated on news from the motoring world.

The latest news that Elephant have communicated is the fact that a team from the Eindhoven University of Technology that is situated in the Netherlands had managed to win a three thousand-kilometre race that was held across Australia. The remarkable thing was that the team had won the race in a solar powered vehicle. The vehicle that had four seats and was a family type of car crossed the finishing line of the race after it had first travelled to Adelaide from Darwin in the Photovoltaic race.

EDF Nuclear Government

EDF News Update: Government gives go ahead for nuclear station. The first nuclear power plant in a generation is to be built at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

EDF France will be leading the consortium that will build the power plant. The consortium includes Chinese investors in the project to build the Point C plant in Somerset.

New App Launched by Ebookers

Ebookers News Update: Ebookers launches app. The app will be available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app puts fast booking at your fingertips.

The leading on line travel agent have rolled out their new app designed to give their customers all they need for fast and cost effective booking from their mobile devices. The app that is called ebookers Travel is sure to be popular with those who want a fast and efficient way to take advantage of the great deals on offer.

Ireland Welcomes New BMW

E Car News Update: BMW i3 arrives in N Ireland. As well as offering on line simple and cost effective car insurance E Car also offer up to the minute news.

The insurance company reported that the BMW i3 had arrived in Northern Ireland. This long awaited debut of BMW’s arrival into the electric car market has been eagerly anticipated. This is due to the high expectations that surround any offering from the technology and design superiority of BMW.

Partnership with H50 Extended

South West Water news update: the water supply company have announced that they will be extending their consultant and contractor partnership with H50.

Following a successful relationship so far, South West Water have made the decision to extend the contract they have with five consultancy and contractor companies. The extension is initially just for two years as South West Water look to maintain the same terms until 2016/17.

RSA Call Centres UK

RSA news update: the insurance company RSA have announced that they will be bringing all of their customer service advisor roles back to the United Kingdom.

In a move that is tipped to create 350 jobs, the insurance company RSA have announced that they will be closing their India based call centres and bringing all customer service positions back to the UK. RSA used to be known as Royal and Sun Alliance and they are the home of the insurance brand More Than.

Easy Jet News Update: Jet forced to divert to Stansted in security alert. The jet had one hundred and fifty passengers on board and was flying to Luton.

The Easy Jet flight had to be diverted to the Essex airport and when it landed the police were on the scene to board the flight. The flight had originated in Hamburg Germany and should have landed at Luton. The police later said that all the passengers were safe and well and that the flight was able now to continue on its journey to Luton. In the UK, Stansted is the airport that any aircraft reporting a security incident is diverted to.

Insurance Direct Line

Direct Line News Update: Rough ride for the insurers. Since it’s listing on the stock market a year ago the company has hit several bumps in the road.

Direct Line who are the biggest home and motor insurance provider in the UK have had far from a smooth ride since they listed a year ago on the FTSE. At that time the company received a boost as the demand from the general public was strong and helped the Royal Bank of Scotland sell off almost 33% of the company before the time of the stock market listing.

Daigeo Sales Up

Diageo News Update: Sales rise in the Americas. Diageo have seen a welcome boost in their sales in the Americas after sales declined in European countries.

Diageo are the biggest distiller of Scottish whisky and have recently reported seeing a very welcome rise in the sales of their product in the Americas. This has been a particularly welcome following slower sales that have been reported across European countries as a whole. The strongest area of growth in sales was in Latin America and in the Caribbean region where a three percent rise in the sales of Smirnoff Vodka and Johnnie Walker whisky were reported in figures to the end of September of this year.

Travel on Eurostar is one of the exciting experiences on a lot of people’s wish lists. For timetable details call Eurostar customer service 0844 887 1188.

Experian are a major company concerned with assessing credit scoring and worthiness. To find out more details contact Experian contact number 0844 381 4294.

Credit scoring has become the watchword of lenders. The way in which we conduct our financial dealings, in particular with credit cards and other forms of credit is under scrutiny. If you default on payments too often or are unlucky enough to have a county court judgement taken out against you then it will reflect on your credit worthiness. To find out more contact Experian contact number 0844 381 4294.

Capital One First Dates

Capital One News Update: First date at footie. Capital One has done research that shows that a third of footie fans would choose a match as a first date.

A third of men and nearly half of women who were asked if they fancied a footie match as a first date have said that they would. Supporters of Birmingham City have voted their ground a very romantic venue with 72% voting for its passionate potential. Stoke City fans however were not as convinced by the potential for romance at their ground and only fourteen per cent saw it as a great place to have a first date.

Private Heathcare CC

Bupa News Update: Competition Commission response. Bupa have outlined their response to the Competition Commission findings on private health provision.

Southern Water Cleaner Seas for Sussex

Southern Water news update: since being proposed a little under 30 years ago, Southern Water’s project has finally been approved and construction will begin.

In the 80s it came to light that Southern Water wanted to establish a project along the south coast of England wherein they could treat the water wasted from the surrounding towns to the standards set by the EU. When it was first brought to the attention of the communities it would affect, it was rejected. As was pointed out by Southern Water’s director of communications, Geoff Loader, getting these things off the ground without the support of the community is incredibly difficult.