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Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy

Waterstones news update: The newest instalment in the Bridget Jones series comes inclusive of some tenuous classical literature references and surprises.

With the concept of Helen Fielding’s novels about the life of her modern day heroine Bridget Jones being somehow loosely based on the nearly two hundred year old, accepted into the English Cannon, brilliantly constructed and timeless novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen still echoing in the now bleeding ears of English Literature students and worshippers across the world, it becomes clear that the one tenuous link she did have with the novel will be killed off.

Use the number listed here to speak with a member of the Fedex customer services department and have all of your logistical enquiries answered immediately.

Contacting companies can be a difficult task as they make their website labyrinthine and strive to channel the majority of the traffic through to the information pages on the Fedex website. This is a tool designed to benefit the company because they can reduce the number of calls that come into the Fedex customer services department and provide a higher level of service to those who need to speak with a member of the team.

National Grid Phone Numebr

Gas Safety Tips From National Grid

National Grid News Update: Stay energy safe this winter. As winter approaches National Grid have tips for staying gas safe as the central heating goes on.
As people prepare to put on the heating for the winter, National Grid have highlighted the potential danger of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from which about fifty people die per year. For those in rented properties CO alarms and also regular checks by landlords are advised to ensure that no tragedy occurs. While the energy company are keen for us all to get the heating on and stay warm for the winter they have introduced Gas Safety Week in which it is hoped that householders will check that all their gas appliances are working properly and are ready for use when the cold weather arrives.
It is a fact that fifty people die and another two hundred have to be hospitalised due to the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning every year with a further four thousand visits to the accident and emergency department for symptoms that are the result of badly fitted or faulty gas devices. Knowing the symptoms of CO poisoning can mean the difference between life and death. The warning signs to look out for include feeling dizzy with a headache and then a feeling of breathlessness that if no action is taken will lead to collapse and unconsciousness. The symptoms described are all the more significant if all the people in the house are affected. It is also significant if you feel these type of symptoms at home but feel better when you are out, only to have the symptoms return when you get back indoors, or if things are worse when you turn on appliances to cook or to turn up the heating.
CO has no smell or any visible means of being identified so even if you have even the vaguest concern that you might be suffering from it you should immediately get out into fresh air and call the National Gas Helpline for Emergencies on 0800 111 999. National Grid operates this help number on behalf of the gas industry.

Morrisons News Update

Families Show Little Menu Imagination

Morrisons News Update: Many families stuck in food rut. Morrisons have revealed that many of the UK’s dinner tables feature repeats of the same few meals.

The survey that has been conducted by the supermarket has shown that many of us show little imagination when we plan our family meals. Almost half of Britons have the same meals twice or more per week and over half of those questioned were still eating the old favourites that they had dished up ten years ago. And the most popular of the favourites that make their way to the dinner table time and time again is spaghetti bolognaise.

Microsoft News Update

Microsoft Slow On the Blower

Microsoft News Update: Microsoft Slow on Phones. Departing chief Steve Ballmer admits that the company was slow to react to the era of the smartphone.
Mr Ballmer, in a speech given to an audience of analysts and Wall Street investors made the admission that Microsoft had not been up to speed with the evolving mobile phone market. He put the blame for the company’s short fall in this area due to the fact that they had been focusing on the development of the Windows operating system. The CEO did add however that the company was now working on some exciting and significant areas of development in mobile phone technology. In this respect the departing CEO said that the company had recently completed the purchase of the mobile phone sector of Nokia in a move that will add impetus to its advance of the phone platform being developed by Windows.
The products that are produced by Apple such as the iPhone and the iPad currently dominate the mobile phone market. Google too have a thriving Android platform that has been adopted by many manufacturers such as LG and Samsung who have adopted it to power the devices that they offer. In comparison to these market leaders Microsoft comes in a very poor third in the market. Mr Ballmer said that he did have to admit with regret that there was a time at the beginning of the twenty first century when focus on the Windows products that were being developed meant that not enough of the manpower of the company had been deployed into mobile phone development. This had cost the company a possible lead in mobile phone technology.
Mr Ballmer added that starting from the lowest rung of the innovation ladder the only way for Microsoft was up and Microsoft are due soon to unveil the second generation of its surface tablet, although the first Surface that was released in October in 2012 has not made much impression on the market. In fact sales had been so poor that Microsoft had had to write off five hundred and sixty million pounds worth of the unsold Surface stock. The CEO said that it was a simple case of having manufactured more stock than they could sell On Monday, the company will unveil the second generation of its Surface tablet.

Mercedes News update

No Podium For Mercedes

Mercedes News Update: Mercedes misses out on podium. There was disappointment for Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the Singapore Grand Prix.
The two drivers who are street circuit experts were left with a bad taste in their mouths after Mercedes team strategy meant that the Singapore grand prix ended with no podium place for either of the Mercedes drivers.
Nico Rosberg came in fourth place but many were left wondering why Mercedes had not adopted a similar strategy to Ferrari who visited the pits when the safety car had to be deployed on the track. As a consequence the Ferarri driver Fernando Alonso and Lotus’s top driver Kimi Raikkonen, came in second and third in the race as they took advantage of the race delay to renew tyres that then lasted for thirty laps.
Rosberg, who is German was reported as saying that he was sure that the team could have done better on the day and that in hindsight they should have taken the gamble and remained out for the last set and then gone into the pits when the safety car came on.
Instead the Mercedes strategy saw Rosberg working his way through a crowded field made all the more difficult by the narrow street circuit while the first and second placed drivers were free to cruise home to the second and third place behind the winner of the race Sebastian Vettel for Red Bull, who cemented his position as the leader of the championship.
The Austrian Niki Lauda, who has been triple champion and who is now the non-executive chairman of the Mercedes team, admitted that it had been the wrong strategy to take. He said that he was frustrated as performance could have been so much better if they had brought in at least one of the cars while the safety car was out. He said that lessons had been learned.

McDonalds News Update

McDonalds admit Zero Hour Contracts

McDonalds News Update: Zero hour contracts for burger giant’s staff. The fast food giant admits that many staff have no guaranteed work or stable income.
As controversy continues about the so called ‘zero hour’ contracts that do not offer any guaranteed work or any regular income to those on them, McDonalds have admitted that ninety per cent of its staff are on this type of contract. With a ‘zero hour’ contract employees are expected to be available to work shifts when they are needed but as the contract is for zero hours a week the employer has no obligation to use the services of the staff member and has no obligation to pay a set or regular wage while they benefit from having manpower availability on demand.
As a huge employer world wide it would be nice if a company like McDonalds could lead the way and take the lead in offering those on zero hour contracts a regular and set hourly work allocation, especially where some staff are regularly working twenty to thirty hours per week and that being the case, should be entitled to a proper contract.
In reply McDonalds have said that when staff were taken on at any of the company’s operations and restaurants they were asked to say what days they were available to work and that all those employed on zero hour contracts were told of the shifts they were needed for well in advance. A spokesman for the company said that being on a zero hour contract did not affect the other company benefits that employees received such as life assurance and access to training, the taking of further industry qualifications and to discounts that applied specifically to employees. The spokeswoman also said that staff were never asked to be ‘on call’ and that the style of work suited many people who had study or childcare commitments.


MBNA and United Continue Partnership

MBNA News Update: Man U Renew Partnership. The credit card and football club continue their winning partnership as their agreement is extended for 3 years.
MBNA, the official credit card provider for the club in the UK are celebrating as they hit the back of the net with a renewal of the partnership with one of the biggest football clubs in the UK, Manchester United. The partnership will be extended and celebrated by the issue of a new range of credit cards especially branded for Manchester United.
Every Manchester United fan who is successful in applying for the new MBNA sponsored Manchester United Credit Card will be able to choose from one of four special designs that have been created especially for the cards. The designs on offer include a depiction of the famous Ryan Giggs celebration at the FA Cup when he scored the winning goal in the match against Arsenal in 1999. Another design is the logo for “Champions 2013” that was a special commission produced to celebrate Manchester United’s twentieth success at the league title.
Another features legends of the club with past super stars and club ambassadors Andy Cole, Peter Schmeichel and Gary Neville. The fourth design for the MBNA card features the stadium at Old Trafford and the statue that is on display of iconic player Denis Law, George Best and Sir Bobby Charlton.

Matalan News Update

Farhi Saved by Matalan Heiress

Matalan News Update: Daughter of Matalan founder saves Farhi. Maxine Hargreaves- Adam, daughter of Matalan founder John Hargreaves rescues the Farhi brand.
The daughter of John Hargreaves has plucked the failed Farhi brand that retails in the luxury category from administration at the eleventh hour. The Farhi brand has been sold in Matalan’s many UK stores.
Farhi was founded by the boss of French Connection Stephen Marks and his ex wife Nicole Farhi in 1982 but after suffering cash flow and trading lows the administrator. Zolfo Cooper. was called in to wind up the business.
Coming to the rescue of Farhi, Maxine Hargreaves-Adams said that the brand was iconic and a well-known and well loved brand with its roots in Britain. Although Farhi was snapped up for a knock down price the exact amount paid has not been disclosed. This is not the first acquisition by Maxine Hargreaves-Adams who has already bought Fenn Wright Manson that was languishing in administration last year. She has also made further investment in another fashion brand, Damsel in a Dress.
Although she is independently wealthy Hargreaves-Adams comes with an impressive CV having worked in the family firm for fifteen years to include a spell in the role of fashion director. Since that time she has left the business to concentrate on building brands and expanding her own career. She is a well known in the elite of society and has been a guest at parties for the likes of pop star Elton John and she is also a friend of Prince Andrew.
And Maxine is not the only member of the family to be getting involved with business. Her younger brother Jason took over at Matalan from former CEO Darren Blackhurst this year and although some eyebrows were raised at the time, it has to be remembered that Jason Hargreaves has been working at the huge retailer since he was a boy of eight and has grown up in the retail business. He has also occupied several senior positions in the years running up to his latest appointment.

Maplin News

First 3D Home Printer at Maplin

Maplin News Update: Maplin to sell 3D printer. The UK electronics retailer will be selling the first of the innovative 3D printers for use in the home.
It is not cheap with a price tag of £700, but the Velleman K8200 3D printer will let customers print anything they want using the 3d technology, provided that the item is below 20cm³. Potentially if the owner of the 3D printer wanted to have a new case for their glasses or maybe had lost a piece from a tea service, they could use the 3D printer to ‘print’ a replacement.
The 3D printer works by taking a virtual model that has been designed on a computer and then layers it in 0.5mm-thick slices of plastic so that an object can be built up. Printing a case for reading glasses, for instance, would take around half an hour. The Commercial manager of Maplin Oliver Meakin, said that he expected that families who had a strong interest in technology would be keen to buy the device. He said that he could see schools being interested in the new technology as well. He said that it would be nice to think that some children might be more interested in trying out the innovative technology rather than playing computer games. He added that the printer needed to be assembled in the home by the customer and that typically the whole assembly process would take about 10 hours.
The plastic for use with the 3 D printer comes in a variety of colours to include white, blue, black, red, green, orange, pink and yellow. He added that it was only possible to use one colour at a time with the new 3D printer. Maplin’s website advises customers that if multi-coloured prints are required then printing can be done in separate pieces and then attached together at a later point in the process. The cost of replacing the cartridges is thirty pounds for one kilogram of the plastic resin that is used. The size of the 3D printer is about the same size as a middle of the range laser printer.

Manc Airport News Update

Taxi Booked Did Not Bring Family Home From Airport

Manchester Airport News Update: Family left at airport. In a row a family has complained that the taxi they booked could not fit their luggage in the boot.
The family had been returning from holiday in Spain to Manchester airport. They had booked a taxi for the parents and one child to be taken from the airport to their home in Wigan.
The father of the family claimed that he had booked a private hire taxi from Blue Star Taxis only to be kept waiting for half an hour when the family arrived back from holiday at the airport. When the taxi driver eventually found the family the luggage they had with them would not fit in the taxi’s boot and the taxi drove away, leaving the three stranded.
Faced with the complaints levelled at them by the family the taxi frim have strongly defended the driver who came to pick them up from Manchester airport saying that the complaints about his behaviour towards the family were unfounded as he had offered to put the case that would not fit into the boot onto the front seat, an option that the family had apparently refused.
The father of the family that arrived at Manchester Airport, Mr Pimblett, 40, however maintained that once they had got out of the airport there was no sign at all of the taxi that had been booked. He admitted that he had had texts from the company letting them know that the taxi was on its way and then again he was informed that the taxi had arrived, but despite this it did take some time for the driver to find the family. He said that they had tried to fit the suitcase in the boot by removing the parcel shelf but that did not work. According to Mr Pimblett the driver then said that he would have to go and call his office following which he left. The family were then faced with a hefty bill of eighty seven pounds to be taken home to Wigan from Manchester Airport.

Chipping Sodbury Waitrose

Waitrose news update: Waitrose is the first supermarket to be built in the town of Chipping Sodbury and they promise it will be attractive to new citizens.

The manager of the new store which is due to be the first of its kind in the town of Chipping Sodbury has expressed his sincere belief that their presence will help to attract both visitors and prospective community members to the town.

Waterstones Amnesty International

Waterstones news update: To mark 60th anniversary Amnesty International and Waterstones will publish a booklet on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2008, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrated its 60th year having been established in the wake of the traumas of the Second World War. The lessons that were learnt through that terrible period in history are ones that have been carried through the subsequent years in order to ensure something such as that does not happen, at least to the same extent for civilians, in the future.

MMB and Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water news update: Mott MacDonald and JN Bentley are looking to collaborate with Yorkshire Water to establish a £1billion, five year framework.

The three companies are set to establish their investment plan for the next asset management period – referred to as AMP6 – which will run for the five years between 2015 and 2020. The idea behind the £1billion or $1.58billion, scheme is to develop the planned investment necessary for an ever improved service and reasonable prices for those receiving the service.

Yorkshire Bank sponsorship

Yorkshire Bank news update: The final of the inaugural sponsorship year for the limited overs cricket has reached its close with an English-Welsh final.

Having taken over the responsibility of sponsorship for the middle range, limited overs cricket competition for the 18 English counties plus the Unicorns, Scotland and the Netherlands from their parent company, the Yorkshire Bank will possibly be losing the sponsorship already.

Luton Airport Sue Ryder

Luton Airport News Update: Employees ride for Ryder. Luton Airport workers are setting out for a London to Paris bike ride for charity partner Sue Ryder.

Several employees from London Luton Airport have undertaken to meet the challenge of a gruelling bike ride in order to raise much-needed funds for the charity partner of the airport – Sue Ryder.

Depot problems for M&S

Marks and Spencer News Update: New depot problems have been reported at Marks and Spencer’s new 900,000 sq. ft. site in Castle Donnington in Leicestershire.

Stream tv with lovefilm

LOVEFiLM News Update: LOVEFiLM and Samsung Connect to offer LOVEFiLM Instant, streaming for Samsung Internet Blu-ray players and smart connected TVs.

One of the largest film and TV entertainment providers LOVEFiLM has announced that it has produced an app that will enable more features to be accessed by users. This will include star ratings and the ‘More Like This’ titles as well as the Watch list that allows a viewer to identify and save videos that they want to watch to be viewed at a later date. It will also have a feature that has been enhanced to offer suggestions to viewers that have been worked out and based on an individual’s previous viewing history of various TV shows and feature films.

Reading Bedtime Stories

Littlewoods News Update: No bedtime stories for a third of kids. It has been found that many kids never get a story read to them and prefer toys or the TV.

Not such a happy ending for children and bedtime stories Littlewoods research has revealed.  While the average child does have a bedtime story read to them three times a week, around forty seven per cent of the children asked said they would rather play with toys or watch the TV than be read a story by a parent.

Lidl Healthy

Lidl News Update: Lidl have revealed that a poll of over 1000 customers has found that seventy per cent preferred to use a ‘Healthy Till’ when doing the family shopping.