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BHS News

BHS News Update: BHS drop £71 million into the red. The Daily Mirror reported that the Department store giant made large losses over the last trading year.
There is no doubt that the recession has made times tough for many of our most familiar high street names and last year saw the high street favourite that is owned by retail goliath Sir Philip Green make a huge loss, a swing downwards from the previous years profit of over twelve million pounds.
Tough trading was blamed for the losses and the figures did not make for very happy reading. It was reported that turnover had fallen to just under seven hundred million when figures that were filed at Companies House earlier in the summer were calculated to the end of August 2012.
However this was not the end of the doom and gloom for Green’s BHS as if the figures were adjusted to reflect lease provisions paid on Nationwide BHS stores that were in the red, the reported losses worsened from seventy six million to one hundred and sixteen million pounds.
However although these losses look punishing, it was not all bad news for Sir Philip as a separate filing showed that Taveta, Green’s holding company, paid out a sum of twenty six million pounds to his wife in the last financial year. Lady Green and the family also had an interest payment on loan notes to the tune of fifteen million pounds while a further sum of just over eleven million pounds was pad out in rent to a property company controlled by Lady Green and her family.
Despite the problems at BHS, the overall performance of Taveta that also has in its stable Top Man and Dorothy Perkins was judged to have been good for the financial year. The holding company went from showing a one hundred and twenty million pound loss to a one hundred and three million pound profit in the financial year that ended on August the 25th 2012.

Bet365 News Updates

bet365 News Update: Full year profits rise by a third as the company’s turnover approaches £20 billion a recent report on the betting giant has revealed.

B&Q News

B and Q News Update: B&Q owner Kingfisher flies across Europe in cloud and Ben Hetherington the manager for Kingfisher IT Services talks about IT overhaul.

In charge of standardising IT systems across Europe including within B and Q’s sister companies Castorama and Brico Depot in France, to bring all the differing systems together, Ben Hetherington is Kingfisher’s IT services manager. In an interview with Computing he said that although all systems had not yet been fully overhauled the project was progressing well. He said that as the company moved towards standardisation over all its IT systems some big programmes were underway to work towards this aim.

Aviva News

Reviving Aviva

Aviva news update: Mark Wilson has plans to revive Aviva the Daily Telegraph has reported, as Wilson fights off his rival Patrick Snowball for the top job.

Recently appointed Mark Wilson has announced the first financial results for the period that he has been in charge at Aviva. The company showed a healthy and solid profit in the period leading up to June of this year, before tax, of seven hundred and seventy six million pounds. This figure was even more impressive when it was compared to the figures for the same period last year that showed the company had made a six hundred and twenty four million pound loss under the previous chief executive office, Andrew Moss.

Voice Control TV Switching Channel

Xbox news update: Possibility of a new ‘smart channel’ powered by Xbox One for customers to switch between their entertainment channels has been proposed.

“TV and film fans in Britain could be using a programme guide powered by Microsoft’s Xbox One within months of its November launch, can reveal.

The gesture and voice controlled ‘smart channel’ will pull a number of content feeds, including live TV, video on demand and catch-up from existing providers, to create a one-stop aggregator that allows services like Sky and Netflix to seamlessly work on one TV.

Skipton Flood Repair Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water news update: Yorkshire’s premier water supply company have reached the end of their work to reduce flooding in the Northern town of Skipton.

Due to the bad flooding that has been experienced by residents in Skipton, Yorkshire Water entered into a £1 million scheme that set about reducing the risk of flooding. The sewer system of Skipton was thoroughly excavated so that the thirteen homes that were found to suffer badly from flooding would no longer.

Lloyds TSB News

Recent Updates On Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB news update: a recent survey by Lloyds TSB shows as university tuition costs have risen, so has the number of students financially struggling

YOI Waitrose Rehab

Waitrose news update: the high-end supermarket have opted into a scheme to provide in-store opportunities for young offenders on rehabilitation programmes.

The schemes that have been rolled out across the UK are designed to assist young offenders who have served their time and are looking to rehabilitate. The idea is that they will be introduced into the work environment, learn the skills necessary for success and earn a little. It is part of the dedication demonstrated by the government for rehabilitating young offenders who have had a difficult history and need assistance to get back on the more appropriate path.

O2 News Update

O2 news update: O2 have recently found that when members of their customer service team are happy and well equipped their service improves.

Lloyds news update: As the company looks to split themselves across the UK banking market they are also selling their loans to secure itself for the future.

This article was originally sourced from the Scotsman and details all of the intricate information pertaining to the sale of Lloyds’ loans from their Bank of Scotland International Australia dimension.

“Lloyds Banking Group yesterday sold loans worth A$371 million (£216.4m) from its Bank of Scotland International Australia unit as the lender continues to sell off assets to shore up its balance sheet.

Groupon Goods Warehouses

Groupon news update: the daily deals site has taken another developmental step in the form of warehouses for their newly established Groupon Goods business.

With Eric Lefkofsky only officially adopting control of the company from the ever-controversial and now ousted CEO Andrew Mason in the last month, Groupon are desperate to remain contemporary and relevant in this ever changing world of fickle internet businesses.

EDF Energy Nuclear Power Hinckley Point

EDF Energy news update: With utility supply companies suffering increasing pressure to minimise their carbon emissions, EDF pumped out 21m tonnes of CO2.

In 2012, the utility supply company EDF Energy reportedly saw a 39% increase in their carbon dioxide emissions which have totalled 21 million tonnes compared to previous year. Despite being set targets in terms of the amount of carbon emissions that they produce each year, the company have burnt more coal and the amount of emissions reached 251.7tonnes/GWh. This is not heading in the right direction in terms of the target reduction of carbon emissions by 60% by 2020.

Using the Carphone Warehouse contact number 0844 887 1178 will connect you straight through to the customer service department for all help and support.

Carphone Warehouse are one of the largest independent mobile technology retailer in the UK and their stores provide the services of buying a new mobile phone, upgrading your current contract, receiving technical support for any problems that you might have with your phone as well as many other products and services.

Customer Service News

The Effects Of Customer Service

The following article looks at ways in which to identify problems within customer service and then how to overcome these problems.

The DHL contact number can be expected to receive a lot of traffic but the number we supply 0844 887 4380 is a direct line to connect you straight through.

As one of the biggest and most successful logistics companies in the world the DHL customer services department can be expected to receive a high volume of traffic as people attempt to resolve their problems and receive answers to their questions. All enquiries can be directed through our DHL contact number.

For whatever reason you might have to call the energy company use the EDF contact number 0844 887 4390 to speak with a member of the customer services team.

The energy company welcome all enquiries whenever it is most convenient for you and they ensure that their phone lines are populated by friendly and helpful employees who will answer any enquiry that you might have.

BHS News Update

BHS News Update: British Homes Store makes a comeback with a trendy new collection. The store unveils slick new autumn collection with vintage inspiration.

bet365 Good News

Bet365 News Update: Positive News for United. The on-line gaming company reported that the injured Manchester United winger Ashley Young was now improving.

Boots Look to move to China

Boots News Update: Boots sets its sights on China was the headline recently from the newspaper, the Independent, announcing Boots’ plans to expand to China.

B&Q Sales Increased Due to Sun

B and Q News Update: Kingfisher, the owner of DIY chains B and Q and Screwfix, has reported a recovery in sales helped by better weather, recent news has revealed.

Earlier this summer the weather was not great. As the UK resigned itself to another wet summer retailers were suffering too as the traditional run on garden furniture and the seasonal items that they would expect to be selling in the summer months, failed to materialise. Then the summer weather changed direction and the sun came out with a resulting improvement in sales.