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EasyJet Have Low Demand

EasyJet News Update

EasyJet News Update: Due to the recent and unexpected heatwave within the UK, less people have been flying with the airline resulting in a loss of revenue.

Over the past two months the United Kingdom has been experiencing a heat wave with temperatures reaching over thirty-two degrees celsius in many areas and claims that at times, the United Kingdom was hotter than the Mediterranean. For this reason, many families and individuals have been enjoying the hot weather at home and not felt the need to jet off else where in the search for some sun.

Dyson Use New Technology

Dyson News Update

Dyson News Update: A new smaller and quieter vacuum cleaner than previous designs is launched, for those living in small spaces with a lack of storage.

Vacuum cleaner company Dyson have recently announced the launch of their new product. Named the DC49, this vacuum cleaner is apparently the smallest and lightest in design yet. It also claims to be the quietest Dyson have ever produced and is aimed at consumers living in small spaces, such as apartments and flats, that do not need or have the room and storage for a large vacuum cleaner.

Asda Stops Selling Wii U

Asda News Update

Asda News Update: Asda are no longer stocking the newly released Nintendo Wii U in their stores due to the low demand and selling rates of the product.

Major supermarket Asda have recently announced that they will no longer be stocking the new Wii U due to simply not experiencing the demand. Over the last few months the supermarket have had a series of offers and deals on both the original Wii and the newer Wii U, which led to a total of one hundred pounds being slashed off each product. However, there was still no increase in sales and consumers were not tempted by the highly discounted item.

Barclaycard Launch New Balance Transfer Offer

Barclaycard News Update

Barclaycard News Update: New Barclaycard that allows new customers to transfer their current card debts and not pay interest for twenty eight months.

Barclaycard now hold the longest balance deal of twenty eight months out of all their other major competitors. Recently, a selection of the major UK banks were all at par with their balance transfer card deals. However, it seems that being equal at the top was not good enough for Barclaycard, resulting in the recent launch of their Platinum Balance Transfer Card. However, although the time limit for not paying interest is longer than other banks, after the twenty-eight months the interest rate is much higher than their rivals’.

Groupon Reserve On Mobile App

Groupon News Update

Groupon News Update: Groupon are updating their mobile App so consumers can make restaurant reservations quickly and simply with hopes of going worldwide.

Earlier this month, the online discount and voucher provider launched Groupon Reserve on their website to their United States consumers. It allows consumers to make a restaurant reservation to a large selection of restaurants across the country, over the internet, meaning consumers do not need to ring up the restaurant directly. Not only will it save the user some money on their phone bill, but it is designed to make the individual’s life simpler, easier and more efficient as they will be able to increase their productivity.

Apple Rumoured To Have Fingerprint Technology

Apple News Update

Apple News Update: The newest Apple software is rumored to have a groundbreaking finger print sensor that will be a new step in terms of security.

There have been new reports that Apple’s new software, called iOS 7, will include a unique fingerprint sensor meaning only the user will be able to unlock the home screen. It will also be a way of accessing and identifying oneself when making payments on the App Store. The system could also be used when using mobile banking and will therefore be a very secure way of enabling protection from fraud and the unlocking of stolen phones.

Scottish Power's Rising Prices Due To Costs

Scottish Power News Update

Scottish Power News Update: Scottish Power blame the government for their increasing costs that are resulting in their consumers’ rising energy bills.

The customers of Scottish Power have seen a rise in their energy bills recently, which has sparked many complaints and media surrounding the company. Consequently there has been discussions and disagreements between the energy provider and the government, as Scottish Power blame the high and continuously increasing costs of the implemented energy efficiency schemes.

O2 Will Launch 4G This Summer

O2 News Update

O2 News Update: 4G on the O2 network could be available very soon, with the release of a brand new video advertisement that shows up rival, Vodafone.

Since the beginning of the year, phone company O2 have promised the release of 4G. However, we are now over half way through the year and the service is still not to be seen. Customers are starting to grow impatient and some even switching to another provider that has already launched the 4G service. However, O2 have launched a new online video that promised the service ‘this summer’.

BT Sign Shirt Sponsorship

BT News Update

BT News Update: BT get a shirt sponsorship deal and market themselves through Sky Sports’ chosen televised teams, after their complaint is ignored.

Recently, both BT and Sky have been strong and persistent rivals, ever since BT announced they will be launching their own sports channels. There has been many discussions about what each brand’s sports package will include and has been agreed that each company will have sports team’s matches that the competitor is not allowed to broadcast.

British Gas App For Students

British Gas News Update

British Gas News Update: New mobile App aimed at young house sharers to help manage their energy bills and consumption will be the simplest yet.

Xbox One Brings New Features

Xbox News Update

Xbox News Update: The new Xbox One will allow independent developers to publish and have full control over their games when uploaded onto the new console.

The latest Xbox console will be named the Xbox One and will be released this November. Previously, only established and well known game publishers were going to be able to upload their games onto this new Xbox, however, it has now been said that independent developers will be able to put their creations on the the console, whenever they like, as well as being able to set their own prices.

Cissé Agrees To Wear Wonga Kit

Wonga News Update

Wonga News Update: After refusing to promote Wonga, Newcastle Player, Papiss Cissé, has agreed to wear his football shirt printed with the Wonga logo.

The online pay per day loan company, Wonga, currently sponsor Newcastle United Football club. As part of the sponsorship deal, their logo will be embellished on to the team’s kit next season. However, earlier this month one of the Newcastle players had an argument about being made to wear the shirt publishing the logo. This resulting in the player, Papiss Cissé leaving the team’s training camp in Portugal.

4G Available from September 2013

Vodafone News Update

Vodafone News Update: Company is set to launch a 4G service across the UK in September 2013 set to rival major competitors and previous 3G speeds.

Phone operator, Vodafone are expected to launch a 4G service to their UK consumers in September later this year. The service is promised to be of a very high quality and be a joyful and exciting experience for the Vodafone 4G user, that they have not previously had.

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Virgin Media Offer Free Wi-Fi

Virgin Media News Update

Virgin Media News Update: A Free Wi-Fi service is being installed in the city of Birmingham in September 2013, in an attempt to boost economic growth.

Loyal Customers for TalkTalk

TalkTalk News Update

TalkTalk News Update: Company proves critics wrong and gains a loyal consumer base whilst major competitor offers new sports package.

TalkTalk is one of Britain’s leading broadband service providers who are also a television and telephone company. However, after predictions earlier this year that they would be losing customers due to one of their major competitors offering a free sports channel package, the company have actually experienced quite the opposite. In fact, TalkTalk have gained more than one hundred and fifty thousand new consumers since these initial forecastings.

Sky Sports Partnership Extended

Sky News Update

Sky News Update: Partnership withThe Football League extended until 2018 with sponsorship from Sky Bet that will lead to a change in competition names.

Sky Sports have had an ongoing partnership with The Football League for the past three years. However, they have just extended this to another three year agreement in which Sky Sports have the broadcasting rights of The Football League. The agreement will begin in 2015/2016 and will give consumers the opportunity to watch more live matches that were not previously shown on television. Other aspects of the partnership include giving their consumers the chance to enter competitions and win tickets to Football League games, as well as discounts and promotional offers.

Orange's Mobile to Mobile Transfers For Africa

Orange News Update

Orange News Update: Orange are the first company to launch mobile to mobile money transfers in Africa, therefore providing a secure and efficient service.

E.ON Fined Over Free Lightbulbs

E.ON News Update

E.ON News Update: Energy supplier E.ON were fined for selling energy saving lightbulbs that should have been distributed free to consumers within Britain.

The six main energy suppliers within Britain were all given 3.4 million energy saving lightbulbs, that were part of a government initiative to preserve our energy uses and reduce carbon emissions. The idea was that these lightbulbs would be distributed for free, over five years, to the companies’ British customers.