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British Airways Allow Mobile Phones

British Airways news update: BA have become the first European airline to allow the use of mobile phones when planes are taxiing after they have landed.

“Just how impatient have air travellers become and how important is it for airlines to don the mink glove and gently stroke the backs of their necks every time they start getting fidgety?

For British Airways, apparently important enough to be the first European airline to relax restrictions on using cell phones and other electronic devices while planes are taxiing after landing.

TalkTalk most complained about company

TalkTalk news update: Telecommunications company TalkTalk are being forced to look at their customer service department again as they are voted most complained-about company.

As one of the major communications companies operating in the UK, TalkTalk are constantly dealing with customer enquiries. It is vital that all companies offer high customer service but it has been reported to TalkTalk chief exec that they were the most complained-about landline provider company. Dido Harding received this news in June 2013 and had to accept that this was a not a new statistic.

BT Head Man

Call BT on 0844 887 1666 for all customer service help. We keep you regularly up to date with BT news updates as well as many other companies.

What makes a company successful. Is it the product, service or is it just simply a man who takes pride in his appearance? As the head of retail, BT maverick Gavin Patterson is headlining at all the major events. The following was taken from The The full article can be found through the link by Clicking Here.

New Look

New Look are a large clothing retailer operating throughout most parts of the UK. They also offer online services and delivery of products. Here is a review. For the New Look Helpline Number, click the link.

The following is a review by an online customer of the fashion outlet; New Look. The following is an extract from one of those customers.


e on pension scheme

E on News Update: E on have upped their pension take up rate to 92% in light of the recent auto-enrolment scheme proposed by he government.

Energy company Eon have increased their take up of the Group Personal Pension (GPP) plan to 92%. The company started the auto-enrolment scheme approximately 18 months ago following the instigation of new laws regarding pension schemes in the UK.

Blackberry Q5 release

Orange News Update: After almost a year away from the market, Blackberry have launched a third new phone in six months. A middle sibling to the Z10 and Q10.

Tmobile Battery Life

Tmobile News Update: There is nothing worse than getting a new phone that does everything you could ever desire only to discover the battery life is somewhat less than desirable. Mobile phones have developed at such a rate that certain computer animated films made in the 1980s used the same size computer as a contemporary smart phone. The services offered by the phones and the demand for them to, obviously, be mobile means that the battery life has to be exceptionally good but with the arrival of keyboard and Touchscreen options incorporated into one phone, there drain on the battery is high.

BT Sky Rivalry

Sky News Update: Ofcom have ruled that Sky’s decision to prevent the screening of their rival’s adverts is not undue discrimination.

BT are launching a new television channel that will, predominantly but not exclusively, show coverage of the Premier League but Sky have not taken kindly to this and have blocked their advert from appearing on some of their channels. Ofcom have ruled that BSkyB’s refusal to show their rival’s advert for Premier League coverage is not beyond the fair guidelines.

O2 bluetooth gloves

O2 News Update: O2 have taken a huge leap forward in technology by unveiling a pair of gloves that allow customers to make and receive telephone calls.

Telecommunications company O2 have made a big steps in technology – and products for the sake of products – by unveiling a pair of gloves that allow customers to hold conversations over the phone, through the gloves. The gloves can be paired with any handset via Bluetooth meaning customers can have warm hands and still take phone calls.

united states fiscal policy

UPS News Update: Scott Davis, UPS Chairman and CEO was quoted on Fox Business on Wednesday as saying that the White House’s fiscal policy has caused problems for business.

“In an exclusive interview with FBN’s Adam Shapiro, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and current member of President Obama’s Export Committee also discussed the company’s global growth and his succession plans.

On Global Growth

price cut

Eurostar News Update: EU commission threatens Britain&France with legal action if they do not reduce their ticket prices, giving them two months to respond.

France and Britain have been given two months notice to respond to the European Commission with their request to lower the charges for passengers using the trains. If they don’t decide to reduce the amount they are charging customers then they are liable to face court action.

microsoft xbox controversial features

Xbox news update: The much-awaited Xbox One games console due to be released later this year included many controversial features, but they will be changed. Microsoft have suddenly announced that these features will be changed in line with customer feedback.

“The news was first reported by Giant Bomb and later confirmed by Xbox head Don Mattrick, who posted a statement on the Xbox One website detailing changes coming to the two biggest thorns in the company’s side: required internet access for the system to work and their somewhat draconian approach to used game sales.

For any enquiries related to a Dyson product or service you may have or wish to receive please call the Dyson Helpline on 0844 887 1192.

ebay paypal china

eBay News Update: eBay look to establish Paypal as the payment system in China. eBay are acknowledged globally & are looking to break into the Eastern world.

eBay, the world’s local auction house are looking to become the first US based company to establish an online payment system in China. They are confident that Paypal, the current payment system for the western world, will be just the ticket they need to establish themselves, despite heavy competition.


Barclays News Update: launch of a five year fixed rate mortgage deal for customers to take advantage of. This latest offer will be geared at 2.99%.

single unit price

EDF Energy News Update: Decision that all energy companies should change their deals to single unit pricing, making price comparisons easier for customers.

EDF energy is one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers, providing thousands of houses across the country with electricity and gas. The company have just released that they would like to see single unit pricing across all gas and electricity  in order to make consumers shopping experience easier when buying gas and electricity as it will be easier to see and compare prices.

good decision for customers

Xbox News Update: been released that Xbox have actually made a U-turn on the decisions previously made about the new features which caused mass disgruntle.

For many Xbox fans around the world there has been huge outcry at the new revised Xbox features where family sharing abilities were going to withdrawn as well as t the 24 hour online authentication. Dramatically, however, due to the massive uproar this created, Microsoft have done a large U-turn, going back to their original plans.

Ebay Paypal China

Ebay News update: Ebay decide to take on China’s market for a second time. They are hoping to increase the usage of online payments through paypal.

Paypal For China’s Online Shoppers

Ebay is one of the largest and most successful online shops, which operates a consumer to consumer procedure. Ebay is now hoping to further extend their audience by making it possible for China to use Ebay’s online payment service through the vehicle of Paypal.

Boohoo debates sale

ASOS news update: Major online competitor to ASOS, Boohoo look to sell the business after six years in operation. These are rival online clothes suppliers.

With online shopping at an absolute peak in terms of ease and options there is stiff competition for one of the prime markets in the UK – 15-24 year olds. ASOS, ‘As Seen On Screen’ is a major competitor for offering high fashion clothes at a discounted cost and an additional discount if you have a student card. There are many competitors though and Boohoo is just one of many internet based businesses trying to better ASOS with the service they offer.

asda sales slump

Asda News Update: Asda have experienced a massive decline in sales and are being taken over by rivals such as Sainsbury’s who are traditionally more expensive.

As the economic climate has fallen upon hard times the past couple of years, food shops have especially noticed a change in customer sales as switching between shops with better pricing becomes all the more important to regulate a households spendings. Asda have suffered the most, as rival Sainsbury’s has also overtaken it in popularity stakes.