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As an independent company providing an 0844 Vodaphone contact number we have no affiliation with the company and provide a service for the general public. This number – 0844 887 4372 – can be difficult to locate on the public domain and this website removes the tedious task of trawling through the internet seeking the right number.
Vodaphone are available to be contacted on this number at any time of the day, every day of the week. Their UK based customer services centre is populated by enthusiastic employees who are eager to assist you in your enquiry whenever you need it.

Sky News

Sky New Acquisition

The recent Sky News update in March this year announced that they had bought O2’s broadband and home phone business from the parent company Telefonica. The vast number of O2 and BE (acquired by O2 last year) customers in the UK are now waiting anxiously to discover what this means for them ultimately.

Sky face rival in form of BT Sport

The most recent Sky Sports update revolves around their new broadcasting rival BT Sport.

Sky reign over all at the moment when it comes to broadcasting sport in the UK. However, having fought off Disney-owned ESPN earlier this year they now face a new challenge in the form of BT Sport.

The three new channels, offered free to all of BT’s broadband customers promise to ‘give the national sport back to the nation’, assuring their customers that all 38 Premier League matches will be broadcast live.

E.ON, the largest German based utility sales company are relaunching their in-house trading business in order to build a global presence.

The Dusseldorf based company have unveiled ‘E.ON Global Commodities’ and ‘E.ON Ruhrgas’. The former a new subsidiary created from the previously known as E.ON Energy Trading which was responsible for trading power, coal and natural gas. The latter, E.ON Ruhrgas, which previously handled long-term physical supply contracts.

Earlier this year, short term loans company Wonga began offering short term loans to Canada, South Africa and Poland and more recently has bought Spanish loan company Credito Pocket.

South African born entrepreneur Errol Damelin launched Wonga in 2007 and since then the company has leant over £2billion to over one million customers and has established itself as one of the UK’s fastest growing short term loans companies.

At the beginning of May Ofgem confirmed E.ON’s completion of all the aspects of the CERT and CESP efficiency obligations. Director of New Business for E.ON Don Leiper said of this accomplishment, ‘I’m extremely proud of our team who have worked hard to deliver against our obligations’.

Crimestoppers and E.ON join forces to fight fraudsters

A significant problem with energy fraudsters has recently emerged  in the North West of England. Crimestoppers and E.ON have joined together to raise awareness and educate the public on the issue.

There has been a rise in the number of cold-calling and door-to-door inquiries about ‘energy saving devices’ or ‘energy saving parts’. A device is installed that, best case scenario have no effect on the meter but unfortunately most often they pose a serious fire risk.

Sony has confirmed that its PlayStation 4 console will not be sold at a major loss. The following provides more information.

The current version, PS3, pulled out all the stops. With a custom-built processor using new architecture developed through a $400 million investment between IBM, Sony and Toshiba, plus a Blu-ray drive, high-speed custom XDR RAM and a state-of-the-art controller it was a real must-have console for serious gamers.


Netflix says Virgin Media was the UK’s fastest fixed broadband provider in April.

The following article is an extract from which looks at the variety of speeds between the service providers. Virgin Media take first place for streaming Netflix movies. This is down to a variety of codes given out in the different areas.

Virgin Media has again been named the UK’s fastest fixed broadband provider by TV and movie streaming service Netflix.

The following is an extract from a Which? review on the Eon Energy company. Which? are a company who offer advice on a wide range of products and services. This in particular shows the positives and negatives of Eon based on an Eon customer sample.

Eon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of German company Eon AG. It is one of the UK’s largest energy companies, supplying energy to around five million homes and businesses.

Customer Service: Do not’s

Good customer service often focuses on the must-do aspects, but knowing what not to do can be just as important. In your training and development programme you should explain to staff any behaviours that are not acceptable, as well as those that are absolutely necessary. Giving them clear examples of how not to do things will ensure they gain a clear picture of what a rounded customer experience should be like.
Here are the five main do not’s which will help you deliver great customer service every single time.

Virgin Media and Sky Sports have extended their deal for a further year.

The agreement for the Richard Branson company to carry Sky Sports 1 and 2 was set to run out this summer but has now been secured for another 12 months, it has been reported. The deal places additional pressure on BT to sign a similar deal ahead of the new football season in August.

Emirates Delays

The following articles can be found from The Guardian website and was written by Bachelor, on May 13th 2013. The extract is about a customer who was waiting 24 hours for a delayed Emirates flight. This is a classic example of poor customer service and as evident, this story has received a lot of attention and in turn, bad media for Emirates.

I flew from Manchester to Sydney in March. I was travelling alone with my 15-month-old baby.

Sony’s latest range of Bravia TVs is now available to buy, having first been showcased at CES 2013 earlier this year.

The Bravia W-Series HDTV range hit stores at the end of April and includes several LED TVs, with the Sony Bravia W9 series as Sony’s flagship product.

“Sony continues to deliver pioneering technology to consumers, providing superb picture quality with rich, vibrant images that bring TV to life,” commented Sony Europe Home Entertainment senior product manager Kentaro Matsumoto.

From next month O2 customers will be able to access Virgin Media London Underground Wi-Fi for free.

The service is already free to customers on EE, Vodafone and Virgin Media and the new deal opens up tube Wi-Fi access to O2 customers in June. Currently they have to use the Pay-As-You-Go service, with passes costing £2 per day, £5 per week or £15 per month.

Here are some horrendous stories supplied by customers who have expereinced awful customer service. This article was found at and was written by Kate Nasser but are complaints by a mulitude of different people for different department. These stories are a perfect example of how important customer relations are. Negative comments can be heavily detrimental to the business.

The following article is an extract from which was written by Mark Kleinman. In summary the American giant Verizon are looking to buy out Vodaphone’s share in the company. Vodafone are one of the largest telecom providers globally and already freestanding in many companies.

The American telecoms group Verizon is lining up funds for a blockbuster $100bn bid to buy Vodafone out of their US mobile phone joint venture.