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Business to Business Customer Service Tips

Customer service is the process in acquiring or retaining a customer through helpful service. A happy customer is a loyal one regardless of price as people buy products to fulfil a need. If the customer service representative has made this need more easily acquirable, they are likely to buy you product.

The following article is written by Iqbal, M (N/A) Do you care about your customers? Suzanne from Sky does and that I why I love her! The Customer Blog. Visited 17.04.2013.

The woman in question talks about her on-going and constantly changing relationship with the Sky Customer Services department due to both excellent and poor customer service she has received. This goes to show the importance of customer satisfaction. A single complaint has now made it to the internet and broadcast to millions of people, which can be extremely detrimental to the company image.

Here are some top tips for a customer service department striving for excellence.

As with any business the customer is key, but how do you go about making sure this quality of service is maintained to the highest of standards? Here are some top tips on how to improve your service to help achieve these aims.

This highlights the importance of having good customer service. The following article was written by Paige Desmond at the In summary, a parent buys a bus pass for her daughter to go to school. The problem is however that there are few services running with very limited capacity and regularly do not have enough room for her daughter or dozens of other furious students. The following in an extract from this article:

Sky News Update: This article looks into the transition of customers between Be Unlimited and Sky. There are some concerns that the customer service may not be as good and the transition may not be smooth.