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Customer service has changed massively over recent years. That old saying about a happy customer tells one person but an unhappy one tells nine? These days you can multiply that by hundreds or even thousands thanks to social media. And this presents a massive challenge for businesses.

How to spot the warning signs of customer experience failure

Once you have established your business and created a company that works it can be hard to go back and reassess your procedures. That old saying: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”, can become a mantra, ending in firms failing to notice when their methods become out-dated and simply do not offer the correct service any more.

Most companies have adequate customer service teams and plans in place to tackle any problems and answer queries as soon as possible. But that does not mean they do not have to improve.

Everyone will have at least one story about poor customer service they received from a company they dealt with. It might be an automated phone menu that took forever to connect to a real person, or an email or social media message that was not answered for days.

To speak to a Nationwide contact number rep call direct on 0844 887 4392. We make it simple for you to get in touch with your bank any time you need help.
If you’re a Nationwide customer there are all sorts of reasons why you might need to get in touch with the service centre. You may need to update your contact information, find out about charges or interest rates on your account, renew your insurance or apply for a loan or mortgage. Whatever your query or problem, you can call our Nationwide contact number. We don’t have a different number for each enquiry; just one direct Nationwide customer service phone number that you can call any day of the week. With our line you don’t have to visit and choose a different phone number each time you need to talk to someone about an issue. Just call our dedicated telephone line on 0844 887 4392 and we’ll put you through to the people who can help.

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If you’re an avid fan of your games console and couldn’t bear to live without it you would be wise to have the Xbox Contact details to hand in case you have any problems. If you needed help with the software or games, had problems with your xbox live account or wanted to report a fault you would need to know the xbox contact information. For some people this might be relatively easy to find. They might head online to and look up the xbox contact information they need depending on their query or problem. But if that sounds like too much effort you can simply call our xbox contact line instead.

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Scottish Power is a nationwide energy provider, ensuring millions of homes and businesses have the gas and electricity supply that they need. But if things go wrong or you need to check something about your account you need to talk to the Scottish Power centre. We make it really quick and simple for you to do that. For those with boiler care services you may also need to Scottish Power contact number representatives about repairs or maintenance.

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We provide a Wonga number to help you get in touch with the short-term loans company about your account and their services. Wonga has risen to the top of the short-term loans market with extensive media advertising over recent months. It allows people who are struggling with their finances to take out short-term loans and pay them back over just a few weeks or months. Interest rates are high, but for those who cannot borrow money from their bank services like this are usually an attractive option.

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Dixons was a major UK retailer of home entertainment and electrical goods but it is now part of the Currys group. So if you need to get in touch with Dixons about a product you purchased for them, how do you find the details. The website at has all sorts of information on Dixons and Currys and answers a lot of questions. But if you just want to pick up the phone and speak to someone you’ll need to know the Dixons customer services details. We operate a dedicated number to make it much easier for you to get in touch. You can call via us on 0844 887 8333 any day of the week and it does not matter what you need to talk about. We’ll put you through to the Dixons customer services centre so you can get the help you need with your products, warranties, account and so on.

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PC World is a leading UK retailer of all sorts of electrical and home entertainment products, selling everything from laptops and tablets to TVs and digital cameras. And the PC World customer services centre is there to help if something goes wrong. If you’ve purchased something from one of the stores or online you should make a note of our PC World customer services line so that if you need to get in touch you can call straightaway. This will save you time as it means you won’t have to find the right number to call at or dig out a receipt or paperwork to find contact information.