02 News Update: 02 and BT Reach End of Wi-Fi Deal

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As the two firms reach the end of their four year contract, 4000 BT Hotspots which provide the Wi-Fi for 02 mobile customers may become unavailable.

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The UK’s vast number of 02 mobile customers are faced with losing access to thousands of BT hotspots as the companies decide to end their arrangement for the use of Wi-Fi. From the beginning of July these connections will be terminated but 02 have reassured their customers that their 8000 hotspots that are currently available in shops and restaurants will remain accessible.

More than 6 million 02 mobile customers access these hotspots on a regular basis because it is often much faster than the 3G services and it allows customers to download emails to their phone without eating into their data allowance each month. The popularity of Wi-Fi hotspots amongst smartphone users has grown at an astonishing rate and is part of the reason 02 and BT reached this agreement which is now reaching a close. Despite the fact that the possibility of access is still probable for a lot of customers if they find themselves in the affected areas, the end to this four year deal is still a big dent in 02’s market.

02’s response

02 have reminded their mobile customers that the BT Openzone service which is open to everyone will still be accessible to their customers but they have also confirmed that they are looking to expand the network of 02 Wi-Fi hotspots everyday. In order to continue delivering a Wi-Fi service to their customers they have added 300 locations within the last month and are continuing to seek more all the time.

02 mobile customers should be aware that there is a necessity to modify the settings on their smartphones so as to prevent the loss of connections when the phone senses a BT Openzone location. There are instructions on 02’s website for customers to follow and ensure that they continue to receive the same service.

While 02 Wi-Fi of course remains free for all 02 mobile customers there has recently been a slight inflation in the company’s pricing which in conjunction with this loss of Wi-Fi connection has left some of their customers disgruntled at the inflation. A sense of ‘paying more for less’ seems to be palpable amongst their customers, this is something that 02 will need to address immediately in order to preserve their customer base.

Should you have any enquiries about this switch over, or any alteration to the service you receive the most efficient way to get an answer is by contacting 02 by telephone.

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